Friday, May 1, 2015

Count V (BOB-KE)

Here is a good one by the Count V. This is not the San Jose, California's Count Five who had the hit "Psychotic Reaction" in 1966. These guys had a very different sound. More Mersey. The song writer of "Don't be afraid" is not listed on the label. It is thought by some of the experts that the Count V hailed from the southern Michigan area. The 45 was released on the Bob-Ke record label which was located in Wayne, Michigan. From the matrix numbers the Count V's record was released in 1966 as well. I'm sure this would have been a source of confusion back in day with both 45's being at the local record shop in the same year.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Night Raiders (Occidental)

The Night Raiders consisted of Vandy Holloway , Junior Mann , Roger Mann ,Gaylon Adams and Tommy Ellenbury. They were from Alabama and performed mostly in the southeastern area of the United States. The above photo of the group is from 1968. The band recorded two original songs that was released on Occidental records. As you can see from the labels the name of the group is different on each side. More info is needed to know why that is.  I'm guessing it was for the band member (Gaylon Adams and Roger Mann) who was the lead vocals on the particular song that was recorded. Not that it matters, both songs are good.

                                                          Gaylon Adams and the Night Raiders-While I Can

                                                           Roger Mann and the Night Raiders-This Time Again

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Losers (Teen)

Very little is known about the Losers except for this 45 the group released in 1966. Teen Records was located in Mount Healthy, Ohio which is in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky metropolitan area. The record label shows the writers of both songs was Don Skidmore, Bill Derossett and Jerry Yount. I am assuming they were the band members. I don't think neither song has appeared on any compilation album. I'm sure one day that will happen. Both songs was well done by the group.
                                                                           The Losers - Open Up Your Eyes

                                                                                       The Losers - I Told Her

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bob and Randy (Shawn)

Hi everyone. Happy New Year. I wish all the best. For myself last year was a good year spending time with my Grandson. I hope this year will be like wise. Alright, lets dig into a good 45 from Bob and Randy on the Shawn label. From the matrix numbers (Delta Triangle Symbol 67195) in the dead wax it looks like it was pressed at the Monarch record facility in the summer of 1967. The 45 has a psych/pop, maybe a slight Turtles sound. My favorite is side one "Gonna learn something new" but both songs have a catchy beat. If anyone can provide more details about the record that would be great.  

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bill Piatt (Majestic)

Hello to all. I was hoping someone might have information about this 45 by Bill Piatt on the Majestic label. Both songs have a mid 1960's sound. As you can see from the label scans Majestic Records was located in Leachville, Arkansas. There are no numbers in the dead wax except for the numbers that can be seen on the labels. Any information would be appreciated. I like his faster, more rock version of  "Taste of Honey". The flip side "If You Really Love Me" has a pop, frat vibe. Nice record.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Holidays

Hi everyone. Happy Holidays. I came across a couple interesting blogs that is worth mentioning. The first is the Golden Voice Recording Company. It has background/history of the groups who recorded at the Golden Voice Recording Studio in the 1960's. A couple of highlights for me is the history of The Camaros and the Wombats. Another cool blog is Rip It Up Rhode Island which features bands from the Rhode Island area. Both have very good information. I have featured some records that I like. I hope you will find these 45's as enjoyable as I do and that it might stir conversation about the artist who made them.






Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Butterflies (RAB)

Hi everybody. In 1966 a group called The Butterflies released this 45 on the RAB record label. Not much else is known about the band. As far as I know it was their only record. Any information would be great. The female lead singer lets it rip with tuff vocals on both songs. "I'll Still Love You Anyway" has the cool garage sound, while on flip side the band does a strong version of the Animals "House of the Rising Sun".

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mike McKenzie and the Embers (Crash)

Hello to all and happy new year. To start 2014 off I would like to feature a record by Mike Mckenzie and the Embers on Crash records. "My Summer Star" is a gem. It's a moody garage song with a nice beat. The band does a decent cover of "I Want to Do It" for the flip. The record label has a slight tear were the year of the copyright is. Its look like 1965, the numbers etched in the dead wax are SJW 8476 which is a Wakefield pressing number. Malcolm Chapman has a really cool website about all the different pressing facility's .  It shows the record was pressed in 1966. I would also like to thank Mike Markesich for giving me some tips about how to locate the numbers etched in the dead wax. Anyway if anyone has information about the band I would appreciate your comments.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Five More ( Moxie)

Tucson, Arizona Moxie Records released several garage 45's in the 1960's. The Intruders was the most well known of those garage groups. Another Tucson band the Five More managed to released a record of their own in 1965. "She Cares" was comped on Wyld Sydes.

Gary Arthur (Debby)

Gary Arthur recorded this two sided gem that was released on Debby Records out of  Chicago. He does a really good version of the Charlie Rich song "Lonely Weekends" and an equally superb teen ballad "The Little Things" that he wrote himself. I would appreciate more information about his recording career.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Handful Of Obscurities

  I was in my man cave passing the time, listening to some records. I came across a few that I hope will bring some enjoyment and also maybe stir conversation about the artist who made these 45's. It's a mixture of Rock, Folk and Country/Western. I would like to start off with the cool twangy song " Baby Remember Me" by Al and the Echoes on the Echo label. It was released in 1966. The band members are listed on the label. The flip is a C/W ballad.
  The Destinations release a two record's that I know of. Both are on the "D" record label. On this 45 the group recorded this nice Folk sounding ballad "Let Me Down Easy". The other side is an instrumental. Their other record released in May1965 has the moody song " Baby Don't". From the number on the label, the record feature on the blog seems to have been released before the group's May 1965 record. But I'm not for sure.

  Linda Wilson recorded this killer song "La-Dee-Daa" that was released on the Spindle record label . It's a gem! Great beat sound. The flip side is a teen ballad, nothing like "La-Dee-Daa". I read she was possibly from Kansas City, More info is desired.

 Lastly I would like to feature another C/W song by Cliff Clay. It's a trucker song, certainly not what I normally post but I really enjoy the guitar and the beat on "Road Runners". Maybe you will as well.  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Echotones (Dart)

I usually feature some of the lesser known groups from 1960's. For this post I would like to step back a little further in time to 1959 and remember an outstanding record by The Echotones. Their song "So In Love" is one of the better teen ballad's from this time period in my opinion. " My Baby Doll" has a fast beat with a rockin' guitar solo.

The Maveriks (Presta)

Hello to all. Here is a 45 by The Maveriks on Presta records. One side is country & western while flip side has this great song "Wonder Why which is more Rock n Roll. I noticed the label shows the writers of "Wonder Why" as Floyd and Jerry Westfall. The Westfall's had a very successful recording career with a huge following in their home town of Phoenix in the 1960's. As members of the group the Door Knobs, they scored with the regional  hit "Hi-Fi Baby"on Viv records in 1965.  In 1966 the Westfalls switched to Presta records and released a couple of 45's as Floyd and Jerry with the Counterpoints.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Last Draft (Trans-Action)

The Last Draft were from LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  Band members consisted of Greg Wuensch (Vocals), John Nibblelink (Lead Guitar), Dave Peterson (Rhythm Guitar), Dennis Bremmer (Bass) and Jerry Gaynor (Drums). The group released their only record on the Trans-Action label. They do a very good version of "It's been a long long time" which was a song recorded in 1966 by The Dynasty's (also from Wisconsin).

Gary E Meyers has extensive knowledge on many of the Wisconsin rock bands in the1960's. The above photo of the Last Draft is from his book "On That Wisconsin Beat".

The Kampus Kids (Ensign)

The Kampus Kids were from the Virginia Beach, Virginia area. "Leave Me Alone" has a slight Buddy Holly sound. The song made it all the way into the top five on radio station WNOR in Norfolk, Virginia in 1961. Even though the song was extremely popular regionally it failed to achieve success nationally.